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Experience the evolution of login systems from internet to crypto age

ZK-Proof based login page

Hello folks!

Welcome to this article with interesting subject called “Login with ZKP”.

Now, you might be thinking what’s wrong with the current login system? Well, there is nothing wrong as a layman user. But, definitely from privacy standpoint, it’s worrysome. Your password getting stolen or compromised at the time of revealing for proving your account ownership.

Before that let’s take a back seat & try to recap its evolution since the initial times of internet age.

In order to provide customized AI data feed, when we started having user login system on Apps, it became critical to ensure that the password verification doesn’t have any loophole for hacking.

So, initially, the apps started with simple password logging into the text box & then used to verify by directly storing that into database & cross-check.

Then came the curent time when the Apps are using cryptographic hashing mechanism to protect the password’s direct storage.

The future is to use zk-proof for this password checking.

Now, two question comes:

  • what is zk-proof? [To be covered later]
  • How to use zk-proof in this use case?

Let me explain the first in simple words:

“zk-proof” is a method using which the prover who is trying to prove the statement to verifier, won’t have to provide any information about the statement.

Well! a hell lot of words went by. Right? Let me break it down…

In this case, the

  • prover: the account holder
  • statement: I know the password
  • verifier: The App server

Now, let’s pick the second point.

With the understanding formed, the account holder won’t have to provide the password but instead a proof which would be sufficient enough to prove the ownership.

So, that’s the FUTURE!!

That’s it for now.

Till then, stay tuned! Take care 🙂.

See you on my next blog.

Thanks for giving your precious time to this article.

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